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About Shu Talk

Shu Talk

Established in 2010, one of the HK leading multi-shoes brand retailer and a collection of standout trendy pieces from Europe, Africa & everywhere in the world: objects with a life of their own or enhancing the character of women like no other. Shu Talk showcases a carefully curated collection of fashion shoes & accessories, our selections of items are chosen according to originality, quality, timelessness, wearability and spirit. 


Our Brand - Amaztep

AMAZTEP is a brand where the Africa made, with focus on comfortability, this brand line represents a range of effortlessly cool, youthful and styles that fuse elegance into every woman’s real life - Amazing Step Starts from Amaztep.  It  refined classic style with amazing comfort and craftsmanship. Crafted with rich, premium leathers and artisan detailing, our shoes have attracted an intensely loyal following among those seeking beauty and comfort.  Each amazing step starts from Amaztep, we believe that women deserve the right to live free without fear, so glorious women always know how to take care of their feet, and walk freely in different stage of life.


Our Brand - LeccaLecca

LeccaLecca, meaning lollipop in Italian, represents the sweetness, fun, energetic, chic and feminine style.  LeccaLecca puts a pep in your step with unfussy design, decorated with classic and chic details.  It comes to colorful accents, quality and craftsmanship. Our objective is giving women a pair of shoes that fits, so LeccaLecca is designed for them who can be wore on different occasion that suitable for the office, dines, weekends, parties, and truly enjoy a lively and vibrant colorful modern lifestyle.


Other Brands 

We are also carefully collecting different trendy & stylish pieces around the world, see below brands that we currently sell.




The No Fakes Pledge Scheme aims to enhance consumer or tourist confidence Hong Kong and to strengthen Hong Kong's reputation as a shopping paradise. As SHU TALK is one of the retail merchants has committed not to sell or deal in counterfeit or pirated goods and to sell only 100% genuine goods.

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